Official Website for NetPanzer the Game

You play netPanzer typically across Internet against other Player. It is an OpenSource Game and 100% Freeware, published under the GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2).
Just download and install netPanzer on your PC - there are Versions for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and even Commodore Amiga.
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On you can

  • watch the Server Browser for actual running games worldwide
  • see the official Ranking and the Hall of Fame
  • get Documentation, Help and get staying informed about the Game
  • meet other Players

Help keeping netPanzer alive

netPanzer is alive because this Website is developed, hosted on a Linux Server and maintained both; A Masterserver is being maintained and also a 24/7 Gameserver (the Gameserver which is called "" also) and a Mumble VoiceChat Server. All these things need personal Invest and... Money.

If you like netpanzer and want to help keeping up this work, you may want to donate. Donate as you like. If you do not want to donate, it is ok also. I am not interested to make money. I am interested to keep up netPanzer running. All money will be exclusively used to pay the bills to get netPanzer alive.
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mumble:, Port 64738
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