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1.1.17 #111 - Bad Boy Bubby , 2014-09-28 17:55:14

I have noticed that we still mostly use the older style maps. By the older style I mean the maps that are included with game download package. While many of the maps are popular and fun there are also newer 'mod' maps that are interesting and fun to play. But whenever a server offers one of the newer maps; for example: Two clans (mod) or Two clans (new_mod), there are far fewer players entering those games. When one of those new maps is offered by a server and the client computer does not already have it there is an error message. The error message does not say how to fix the error (download a new map.)

Similarly, the Server-Browser section of the website shows the name of the new map but not where to find it. Yes, I know it is easy enough to click on Download --> Maps --> New and find the map, download it, unpack it, install it correctly, start the client... but that is seven mouseclicks minimum. For some people that is too much to do! To paraphrase player Bulldog, "I couldn't be arsed to do it."

I would like to propose that a direct link from the server browser page where it lists the maps for a given server to the correct map file on the download page. Similar to how the links are setup for netpanzer version. This would reduce the number of clicks by three.

Even better would be a change to the client that would automatically download and install the correct map when trying to 'Join' that game. The same as how most online games do it. But that is another matter.

Thanks for your time and attention. -Bad Boy Bubby-

1.1.17 #112 - Lohengrin , 2014-09-28 20:14:12

this is a good advice, bubby. It makes sense to provide a download link to the specific file directly in the particular gameserver list. I for myself also does not like to have to click dozens of time to get the relevant info i need. So i am a little bit astonished that i didn't realize this misbehaviour earlier :).

I put this on my Todo-List right now. And i guess it wont't take too long to provide that feature.


1.1.17 #113 - Lohengrin , 2014-10-26 11:33:38
"And i guess it wont't take too long to provide that feature"

4 weeks ago i was optimistically. But meantime i got a lot to do at work and private things. Actually the same; i do not find time to fix it. But it is still on my Todo-List.

1.1.17 #150 - Lohengrin , 2016-01-30 13:06:00

Ok, it took a long time, but at the end i did it.

you will find a download button next to "map" in the server browser gameserver card. Just click on the button to download the current map of that gameserver. Alternatively you can also click on the map on the left side to achieve the same.

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