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1.1.19 #118 - Marco , 2014-11-22 16:01:28

Hello everyone. I would say that first of all, I would be willing to translate the game in Italian.first idea: I think you could make this game more like the other games (and thus attracting more players) by having a bar experience that after a number of killings (not suicide or attacking allies) method with a point each unit or a unit gives tot points. Once unlocked levels of experience you can spend experience points (1 per level) to upgrade unit (in one of the skills, such as attack, speed, range of attack ... etc ... Second idea: The hero, you can choose a nation (as the game is called "net panzer" I thought something about the Second World War) that will: Italy, France, Germany, Soviet Union, United States ... in short the usual suspects . Each with its own hero units as the panzer (from 'I to V, through the Tiger tanks and the like) for the Germans ... if these heroes killed many points will both experience both in the standings, but if killed before appearing it will take them a while to get back into action (2-3 minutes?)

1.1.19 #129 - DA , 2015-04-19 04:48:29


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