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1.1.30 #148 - Lohengrin , 2016-01-25 21:12:32

You will not be listed in Ranking, if your:

  • efficiency is >= 120%
  • killer rate is > 3:1
  • expert rate is > 4


An efficiency >= 120% means you shoot all the time, or at least more than an average player would do. If a player has an efficiency degree for example of 180% chances are very high :) that this player is a silly cheater - obviously. Those guys we dont want in the rankings. The value of 119% as an entry value for rankings is based on observations done over years.

A killer rate > 4, let's say for example 5:1, means that you kill 5 enemy tanks while at same time you only loose 1. Those values may happen to very good players now and then in games, but for sure not over a whole month - even not for the best players of us.

The expert rate you can understand as a coefficient value considering efficiency and killer rate. Same here: it doesn't make sense to have a higher value than 4, excpet the player is cheating. This awareness also bases on observations made over years.

1.1.30 #149 - chievo , 2016-01-30 10:52:23

Hallo Lohengrin. speaking about expert rate:

  1. if Expert Rate (ER) is > than 5 , the player disappear from the statistics. But today the 1st ranking player has an ER of 5.
  2. ER is a function of Efficiency (EF) and Killer Rate (KR) but in my case today I have a EF of 119% and a KR of 2:1 with a ER of 3, while the 1st ranking player, for example, has a EF of 74% and a KR of 1:1 and still showing a ER of 5.

Thanks for the replay


1.1.30 #151 - Lohengrin , 2016-01-30 14:24:18

you got me!

i was totally wrong about epert rate. The scenario i described was used long time ago (damn i really get old, haha) - Sorry, i pay the bills for the beer ;-).

The current one is quite different:

So, expert rate is the logarithm to base 5 from the subtraction of "all kills of the current month" - "all Losses of the current month":

 log((AllKills - AllLosses), 5)

And therefore it even could be a value higher than 4... (maybe interesting: only 2 players recently had reached a value of 6: "(CKA) MAXCAN" at 2008-01-31, and "[PHP] Element" at 2009-10-31)

The expert rate is mainly used to help calculating the champion rate, which is the coefficient value considering all other values: "expert rate", "efficiency", "killer rate".

So, getting an expert rate value higher than 4 does not kick you out of ranking

1.1.30 #154 - [+P]fu , 2016-02-04 19:54:27

Sorry for the noob question but... I thought points were cumulated, session after session. I am pretty sure I had 150 points on Feb 1st and today I have 41! Is it normal according to the algorithm, can they diminish or vanish?

1.1.30 #155 - chievo , 2016-02-06 11:27:19

Hallo, I can confirm the letter from FU, after a tracked game I have 50 points less then yesterday.


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