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1.1.35 #163 - [+P]fu , 2017-01-21 10:44:47

Due to the very cold winter this year I turned myself again into a 'hikikomori', so chances are we're going to have a new netpanzer release soon.

As usual I have no idea of what I am doing, why I am doing it and for whom.

Anyway here is the plan (things may change in the process):

0.8.8 (hopefully out in early Spring)

  • new tanks (the set made by Nessie + others)
  • new map styles (same tileset but different color filtering - we gonna have a ''Winter' world etc)
  • network encryption (rather a data scramble - to prevent unfair players to use packet sniffers/editors)
  • in-game authentication (finally, a real milestone for netpanzer)
  • new powerups
  • at least a new game mode: objective+frag limit
  • some sort of update notifier

0.8.9 (late summer? - wishful thinking I'm afraid)

  • duel/team mode
  • bots
  • ...

Needless to say most of the new stuff will be added 'as option' - as gameserver admin if you don't like something you will always have the chance to disable it in config files.

Furthermore, I keep thinking about new features which may eventually be added to the game, but they are just fantasies for now:

  • landmines (simply a new viewfinder which allows you to place mines on the ground - they may as well be hidden, like real ones)
  • planes (not kidding guys - I dream about a Stukas squadron flying over our maps and dropping bombs)
  • special units (with a different profile and with new properties like ammo or gas)

Last year with 0.8.7 we totally skipped the promotion part (social sharing, blog posts, videos, reviews etc) and we saw the consequences... As soon as next release will be out I hope in your help to spread the news.

1.1.35 #164 - Silvestre , 2017-01-23 20:48:31

Your ideas I like. But that map of winter... need a review, will note much that only has applied a filter by over. hehe. I hope to have a new map editor, the current one does not serve as much to create new ambiences.

1.1.35 #165 - [COB]Fsk , 2017-01-24 03:34:46

I agree with Silvestre, do not waste time on things that may or may not work, and that can be very hard work.

I think there was a big mistake in choosing 0.1.0 in the versions, since 0 means nothing, so there is nothing.1, due to the big change, the game can already move to version 2.0 since there will be team battles, I speak the version (0.4.9)

The latest ideas are wonderful, I think the site should warn you as facebook does when you enter an online player, or else you have in the app like whatsapp a notification of players online.

The issue of the plane could have a power bar that when it was complete, would be a bonus to launch against the opponent.

Concordo com Silvestre, não perca tempo com coisas que podem ou não funcionar, e que podem dar muito trabalho.

Penso que houve um grande erro em escolher 0.1.0 nas versões, já que 0 significa nada, então não existe nada.1. Devido a grande mudança, o jogo já pode passar para versão 2.0 visto que haverá batalhas de times, falo da versão (0.4.9)

As últimas idéias são maravilhosas, penso que o site deveria avisar assim como o facebook faz quando entrasse algum player online, ou então que tivesse no app igual o whatsapp uma notificação de players online.

A questão do avião, poderia ter uma barra de energia que quando tivesse completa, seria um bônus para lançar contra o adversário.

1.1.35 #166 - Lohengrin , 2017-01-24 19:32:26

[COB]Fsk is right with his point of view for versioning number. A Versioning Number starting with 0 is totally nonsense. Fu and me we discussed that already some times in the past.

I always prefer the system "Major.Minor.Patch":

  • 1.0.0 first version
  • 1.0.1 bug fixes on last version
  • 1.1.0 first minor changes - not a big change at all, but has new features for example
  • 1.1.1 bug fixes on last version
  • 2.0.0 next big release
  • and so on

Fu and me we are not responsible for the old Versioning syntax, its legacy. But at least we decided to continue that faulty, old Syntax for a while, right Fu ?

Maybe it is now the right time to get rid off old behaviours and start with a 1.0.0.

For me it would be more than ok :)

1.1.35 #167 - [COB]Fsk , 2017-01-25 05:57:34

Perfect analysis! I believe that the version with teams will be a lever for the game.

Perfeita análise ! creio que a versão com times será uma alavanca para o jogo.

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