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1.1.36 #170 - [+P]fu , 2017-02-27 16:24:50

NETPANZER 0.9.0 - Release Candidate 1

Finally something to test, after lots of words... ;-)

First candidate release (there will be others before official release) of forthcoming netPanzer 0.9.0 (War Of The Worlds).

Most of the new features and changes announced in forum are already included.

Only in-game authentication and some other minor things are yet to be added.

Download of binaries:

Source at:

be sure to checkout the 'dev' branch

Please report bugs in forum. I need your feedback. Thank You!

The following is a list of the main FIXES/NEW FEATURES in this Development Release:

  • multi unit styles (the famous set by Nessie+others made by me)

    unit styles are chosen once connected to a gameserver. A new window appears. You can toggle that window with 'u' key. By clicking on a unit style you're redirected to flags window. Until you have chosen a flag you can always go back and change your selection. For example you might want to see what style of unit the other players have chosen before selecting yours. The styles available in gameserver are set in server.cfg

  • multi map styles (quick/cheap but funny color filtering of our only tileset)

    mapstyle (that you can set in server.cfg) can be one of the following: SummerDay (the original one), IcyWinter, Moonlight, Scorched and Martian.

  • powerups refactored

    unit properties can finally change dinamically and are sinced through the network - remember those powerups like "unit speed powerup" that never worked? Well now are fully operational.
    the new bonuses are: unit speed powerup (50% faster every hit), firepower, reload, weapon range, superunit (a unit with the best of all other units) and global repair (all your units get repaired instantly)

  • LAST MINUTE FIX! I just noticed that after a restart powerups don't appear anymore on clients screens (if they were already connected before). And that was a pity now that powerups finally work! The problem seems to affect previous versions too. So there is now a fix (but has to be verified) - and in general the 'restarting' phase needs more coding work...

  • bots are back!

    did you miss them? Hehe! It's now actually possible to write much more 'smart' bots as the client (or the Bot) has got all the information synced with gameserver. My bet is that the most fun will soon come from AI here in netpanzer! You can allow bots in your gameserver in server.cfg.

  • new game modes

    game mode 3 (objective AND frag limit) - you must have both to win; game mode 4 (frag limit OR time limit) - whichever happens first. the objective percentage, frag limit and time are shown correctly in the top game bar.

  • new respawn type

    respawtype = 2 (random alternative) - It's random but never 2 consecutive respawns in the same spot.

  • network data 'scrambled'

    not exactly an ecryption, as the cipher adopted here is trivial and only some bytes are encoded but... since a new key is generated by gameserver every 30 secs a random data stream is created and IMHO this could be enough to make most packet sniffers/editors around ineffective. (after all we are targeting lamers)

  • player names sanitized

    finally no more 'Joe' and 'Joe ' that appear both in game as 'Joe'! Player names are trimmed, multiple spaces and non printable characters eliminated. chars allowed are alphanumeric + a subset of ASCII printable chars (99% of already registered nicknames should be ok).

  • SHIFT + m now toggles a bigger map.

  • Radar is now always on. Since it was trivial to make it so by changing a couple of lines in the source...

And many others minor undocumented changes and fixes.

A better list will be added on official release.

The new unit styles are: original, danisch, desert, metro, night, nva, platane, surpat, tiger, woodland, nva2, platane2, scorched, martian

The new tileset styles (or mapstyle) are (note the capital letters): SummerDay, IcyWinter, Moonlight, Scorched, Martian

New in server.cfg:

  • game.bots_allowed = false (or true)
  • game.mapstyle = "[string]"

game.gametype can now be also 3 (objective AND frag limit) or 4 (fraglimit OR timelimit)

game.respawntype can now be also 2 (random alt)

IMPORTANT!!! Note that new anticheat mode 3 (default) is the old 4 in 0.8.7 - so now leave it at 3!

My short list at the moment:

  • authentication

  • disown base button

  • limit move range - we have a shooting range, why not a moving range?

  • fix pathfinding issues when trying to reach 'unreachable' spots (I will make some tests...)

  • server info window

  • adding mapstyle in console and scripting (maybe in config map rotation too)

  • server config rotation (to make the game 'multi-level' - with the option of not resetting the score)
1.1.36 #171 - Silvestre , 2017-02-28 01:29:08

Fantástico trabajo Fu, Solo falta pulirlo y quedará genial.

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