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NETPANZER 0.9.0 - Release Candidate 2

Second candidate release (there will be others before official release) of forthcoming netPanzer 0.9.0 (War Of The Worlds).

Some corrections and small changes with suggestions from players.

Download binaries here (Windows and Linux):

Source at:

(be sure to checkout 'dev' branch)

Please report bugs in forum. I need your feedback. Thank You!

The following is a list of the main FIXES/NEW FEATURES in this Development Release:


  • Ok admittedly the scrambler didn't work as expected in RC1. This time should work correctly. If it is so, this might be THE END OF CHEATING (no more Cheat Engine, packet editors etc.) as we know it in netpanzer. Let's wait and see...

  • The flag change network message has been added to the anti-spam list (no more pseudo-animated flags)

  • Added a 'mute' button in Ranking Tab (an 'M' at the end of each line). Somebody is saying terrible things about you in game? Don't get angry, just MUTE him! You will not hear anything from him anymore (including chat, ally chat, ally chat requests)! :D

  • Powerups (there were many suggestions). I decided to add many other global unit powerups - which affect ALL player's units. As they are more powerful they also are more rare (the powerup thunderbolt is RED in this case - btw made by Silvestre). This is the probability table now: 50% single units powerups, 30% bonus units powerups, 20% global unit powerups. The global unit powerups are: global repair, global speed +20%, global firepower +20%, global reload -20%, global destruct

  • Added mapstyle 'Desert' - a beautiful artwork by Silvestre.

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