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1.1.38 #173 - [+P]fu , 2017-03-10 19:38:31

netPanzer 0.9.0-RC3 Release Candidate

  • While re-writing the encryption part in RC2 (btw now it actually works), I ended up disabling the anti-spam system... now it's back to its place.

  • I totally re-factored the unit style selection system. It worked fine, but it was highy inefficient both in terms of network and memory. Now it is optimized. You will probably notice that the connection time is shorter...

  • Added 'Abandon' button in base unit selection window - now you can disown outposts. Note: 'This' means just that outpost, while 'All' means all of your outposts.

  • In the global destruct powerup (a red one), the unlucky player now loses all of his outposts too.

  • fixed visualization of names in outposts (owners, outpost names, units in production etc). Now they are responsive based on string length.

  • I deleted a timer in the input management - it could have been an advantage for those unfair player who use tools to bypass it... You might notice a slightly better reaction time for movements and shooting.

  • I applied a (actually stupid) patch in the pathfinding code and it seems that the negative effect of pathfinding panic (the infamous 'node unreachable' messages in server) with tanks slowing down and blocking are now HIGHLY REDUCED! Not tested much, but if it's gonna be true you guys will have to pay me a beer to say the least ;-)
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