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1.1.39 #174 - [+P]fu , 2017-04-05 14:20:07

The following is a list of the main FIXES/NEW FEATURES in netPanzer 0.9.0 Release Candidate 4:

Download binaries here (Windows and Linux):

Source at: (checkout 'dev' branch)

  • new extra top info bar with live ping stats to and from gameserver (toggle it with F7)

  • newly refactored bots - 2 types now: bot_class = 1 (aka the 'Zombie' Bot) is the original bot revisited (much better shooting and after taking max bases allowed it attacks the enemies) bot_class = 2 (aka the 'Fighter' Bot) is the new Bot for duels. He follows you through the map... for each bot you can choose bot_allied = true or false -> that bot will ask to ally to other bots in game... for each bot you can set action_speed = [from 1 to 7] - this is the power level of bots... (a third bot type who conquers outposts while talking about politics and religion is in preparation... hehe)

  • the new ASTOUNDING 'Desert' tileset/mapstyle by Silvestre (expect more surprises from him soon) !

  • a new 'mapstyle' button in Host panel so you can change mapstyle locally without editing config files. Good for testing mapstyles.

  • network scrambling is now default, if for some reason you want to deactivate it you can run the server in DEBUG mode (option -g).

    ... and many changes 'under the hood' like the elimination of some memory leaks (both on runtime and on exit), correction of some bugs on restart and other stuff in preparation of new features.

    P.S. Next RC could be the last trial before official release...

1.1.39 #175 - [+P]fu , 2017-04-06 21:09:22

I forgot to say that bots are now allowed ONLY from (or localhost). But I am thinking about adding an entry in config file so that server admins can choose bots origin. But surely they will never be allowed from remote by default.

Some observations after the first tests with bots (which are really funny):

  • there is a huge difference between playing locally and on a internet gameserver. On an internet gameserver (for example the ones from U.S.A where most people have 150-200 ping, while the local bot has 20!) action_speed = 1 is enough to make a tough bot, while locally (on your PC) you probably have to set a higher value to get the same performance. This is good as a lower action speed means less lags in the gameserver (and the chance to have more bots in the game).

  • a duel mode is nearly there. I will make a smaller map to test it. Players will both respawn after one is killed. Game could go on for hours nonstop...
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