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1.1.40 #176 - [+P]fu , 2017-04-14 14:24:51

Hello guys!

Very soon NetPanzer 0.9.0 will be officially released.

This is actually a major release (a LOT of new stuff is included), though (like all previous ones) it's still an 'unfinished' work.

A further update this year is scheduled for next July/August when - with the help of Lohengrin - we plan to deploy the new authentication system and revamp the website and the ranking algorithms. Your opinion about this subject would be highly appreciated, so please use the Forum to show your ideas.

Now, guys, I need a break! Development will not stop, but will be a little slower...

I noticed that latest Linux distros have already included v. 0.8.7 in their repos, so it will be the occasion to finally retire (deprecate) previous versions and show the newcomers simplified options for download (currently it's a bit messy).


As soon as we have the official binary we will start promoting the game (we don't do such a thing since ages).

I will do my part posting in the main game forums (in english language), but in an era where social networks rule your contribution may be very helpful.

By sharing, posting and voting (suggestions, articles, videos, pics etc) about NetPanzer whenever and wherever you find the opportunity we will certainly attract more players.

Do it only if you believe this little old game (and our recent efforts to improve it) is worth it, do it discretely, do it in your niche, do it your way, but please DO something! ;-)

We need new docs (currently preparing them), tutorials, translations, videos etc.


In the hope that both 'Us' and the 'World' will still exist in 2018, next year is the 20th anniversary of NetPanzer creation (by some young game developers in Austin TX) and incidentally is also the 10th anniversary of website so our idea was to celebrate it with a 'final' 1.0 version - a sort of 'seal' for what achieved until now, but also a safe starting point for future development.

But the future's not ours to see...

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