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Links relating to netPanzer, collected over the years.

Official Sites & related

Description Link
Chat [IRC]
Chat [IRC] Logfiles Forum (2007-2013) [ This Forum is outdated but being kept up for Reference], former Official Website → merged with in 2013
netPanzer SVN Repositories at BerliOs → BerliOs Project ended in 2013.
netPanzer Masterserver Project Page at BerliOs → BerliOs Project ended in 2013.

Other Sites & Articles

Description Link
Netpanzer, acción sin contratiempos en tiempo real
Website from Adriano / Lucas
Supremos Clã
Играем в Linux — netPanzer
Website of Wile64
Witaj na stronie klanu gry netPanzer!
Flexlay: Netpanzer Map Editor
Article on AMIGA FUTURE about netPanzer
CD's website
Geppi's NetPanzer - Helpline
Uralt Forum vom ProGamClan.
Seit 2006 keine Aktivität mehr.

netPanzer related Software

Description Link
Fresh Ports:
netPanzer Development for BSD
netPanzer on Gentoo Linux Bugzilla
Savannah CVS Surfing - project netpanzer
Flexlay - A Generic 2D Game Editor
netPanzer at BerliOS Developer
Fostering Open Source Development → BerliOs Project ended in 2013.

netPanzer related Multimedia

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Videos on YouTube


Description Link
netPanzer FanShop America
netPanzer FanShop Europe

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