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Provided Operating Systems

How to install Linux Version: please follow Building and Installation

netPanzer on Sourceforge

netPanzer on GitHub

  • netPanzer Legacy
    This git is named "Old NetPanzer" by Rominagrobis and means different builds of the recent netPanzer legacy code by various coders. It is for comparison and reference only. No update will be made on this.
    Note: release 1341 compîle fine and work with actual servers, release 1421 compile fine but is not compatible with actual 0.8.5-test1 servers
    git maintained by Player "Rominagrobis".

  • netPanzer V2
    This code is a fork from NetPanzer 0.8.4. It is numbered V 2, because it's a major rewrite from scratch. Rominagrobis started it because "the original had a lot of issues" (Romingarobis).
    git maintained by Player "Rominagrobis".

  • NetpanzerSB is a client application for Android. It shows a serverbrowser and the's Hall of Fame, both Features provided with JSON Data from Website.
    git maintained by Player "[+P]Franko".
    Its APK you will find on google play:

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