Building and Installation

2020-01-12 15:58:53 Installation

Version 0.8.7


This should work on most recent Ubuntu Distros.

Two binaries are included:

  • netpanzer-x32 for Ubuntu 32bit
  • netpanzer-x64 for Ubuntu 64bit

Only libs you have to install are:

  • libsdl1.2debian
  • libsdl-mixer1.2 (universe repository)

Or you could just install a previous netpanzer version you find in the distro repositories
as that would automatically install the right libraries.
Remember in that case to then run the new binary version.


$ cd netpanzer-portable
$ ./netpanzer-x32


$ ./netpanzer-x64

Version <= 0.8.2

Excluding official releases (last one at time of writing is 0.8.2), we have the chance to test fresh binaries from development branch (our svn repository) and it's possible to compile for Linux and Windows system.
Compiling from source in Linux is extremely straightforward. As compiling your own Windows version may end up to result too much complicated, often our developer grant us with a Windows binary ready to run :)
Please note: not all netPanzer versions are compatible with each other. Sometimes a change in communication "protocol" is made. It is generally announced, along with other precious informations, in SVN Logs.

The following notes are from README file in main svn package:


The game depends on some tools and libraries to be present, before you can start
building it. Here's a list of them:

Building on Non-Windows Systems (e.g. Linux users)

To build the game and run as normal user do the following:

  • scons

When scons finish without errors the game is ready to play, type this:

  • ./netpanzer

Remember that next time you want to play you have to go to the same folder where you compiled and typed './netpanzer'

Building on Windows

Building on windows is a little bit more complicated, developers shouldn't have any big problem.

MinGW should be installed in


Get the development libraries of SDL for mingw32, copy the include directory to


so you have the file


and the lib folder to


Get SDL_mixer development libraries for VC8, copy the header file to


and the .lib file to


Python and scons should be installed and working.
To compile netpanzer run scons on the folder where you have the netpanzer source code:

C:\Some\Folder\With\Netpanzer> scons

After scons finish without errors you have to copy all the .DLL files from SDL
and from SDL_mixer to the netpanzer folder.

To run you can type 'netpanzer' or click on the netpanzer.exe file in explorer.

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