Dedicated Server and Game Configuration

2020-01-12 15:58:36

Checking (setting) up your Network

To run a netpanzer gameserver visible to everybody on the internet you must be able to forward port 3030 to your local PC address.

Generally this can be done in your modem/router control panel (look for the 'NAT' or 'Port Forwarding' section etc). You can google for your router brand manual and follow one of the many tutorials about port forwarding ( - You might already have done such a thing when configuring Emule or other file sharing tools!). You can obtain more information about your network using command 'ipconfig' in cmd. (start -> run -> type 'cmd' -> type 'ipconfig' ) 'IPv4 address' is your network device address (your machine local address) - 'Default gateway' is likely to be your modem/router address and typing that address in a browser might send you to its control panel.

Also check that Windows Firewall - and/or other antivirus software which may act as firewall - are not interfering.

TIP:  Howto check if your network is ready: start your netpanzer client normally, then choose 'Host' from the top menu (be sure that 'public' checkbox is checked), then 'play'. This is a 'non-dedicated' netpanzer server - e.g. with you inside :). Then open your browser and go to, wait 30-40 seconds and see if your gameserver appear in the list. If so, your network is ready and you can immediately run a 'dedicated server' without further changes. Otherwise you might need to make some more operations...

Running a dedicated Gameserver

First of all, I strongly suggest you to download the latest Windows snapshot available (run the .exe and install):

Go to Download Page > Browse all Files > Binaries > NetPanzer > Development > netpanzer-0.8.5-test-1.exe

As the name says it's a sort of 0.8.5 alpha. It has an installer, desktop shortcut, its own menu in start->programs, links association in explorer... etc (like old 0.8.2 remember?).

It uses the same protocol of 0.8.4 (e.g. 'it is compatible')

The reason I suggest u to use this version is the new menu in Start -> Programs -> Netpanzer which allows you to choose easily among many options - notably u can 'start a dedicated server'.

A new 'terminal' or 'dos' window will appear. That is your netpanzer dedicated server running!
You can type several commands inside this window, like 'status' etc.

After succesfully creating your dedicated server, if you want to connect to it (play) with a separate client, remember to use the LOCAL server IP address (or 'localhost:3030' if it's the same PC).

Configuring the Gameserver

Let's talk now about the configuration.

In your home directory you will find a folder named .netpanzer.
Inside it, another folder named config, and inside that a file named server.cfg .
You might need to run once the dedicated server to generate this file. (in 0.8.4 release there are 2 files: netpanzer-dedicated.ini and config.cfg . In 0.8.5 alpha there is a single server.cfg)

This file (you might open it with wordpad) will contain all the entries to configure your dedicated server.

Note: not ALL the entries in server.cfg are related to the server, only those tagged as 'server.' and 'game.' - so let's see in detail the ones which are really important.

   server.port = 3030  

    you can select an alternative port number - remember then to make the correct port forward - no reason to change it if u run a single server  

    server.bindaddress = ""  

    leave it blank  

    server.motd = "Welcome to NetPanzer Server"  

    This is the message that appears to players when they connect to gameserver  

    server.logging = false  

    you can save more detailed logs by setting 'true'  

    server.public = true  

    leave it 'true' if u want players to connect from the internet  

    server.masterservers = ",,"  

    don't change these addresses unless you've been told to do so in our forum = "NetPanzer Server"  

    your gameserver name which will be displayed in server browser etc  

    game.enable_bases = true  

    by setting this to 'false' you disable all bases in the map  

    game.base_capture_mode = 1  

    the kind of base capture, no capture, helipad capture, full base capture  

    game.base_limit = 0  

    max bases per player  

    game.autokicktime = 20  

    kicks inactive player after given minutes  

    game.allowmultiip = true  

    by setting this to 'false' you prevent people with same IP address to connect  

    game.unit_profiles = "Manta, Panther1, Titan, Stinger, Bobcat, Bear, Archer, Wolf, Drake, Spanzer"  

    In this string separated by commas you can decide the available units in a game (the ones u see when u click on top of an outpost u own)  

    game.unit_spawnlist = "1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1"  

    another comma separated string which must reflect the previous. Here you decide the starting number of units (on respawn)  

    game.adminpass = ""  

    you can set a password to allow admin commands via chat in a game (see the help section in your netpanzer client for a full list of commands)  

    game.gamepass = ""  

    you can set a password players must know to connect to your gameserver.  

    game.changeflagtime = 15  

    timeout for flag change in minutes  

    game.gametype = 0  

    0=objective, 1=frag limit, 2=timelimit  

    game.maxplayers = 8  

    max number of players  

    game.maxunits = 320  

    max number of units (tanks) in the game - which also determines the max number of units per player: maxunits/maxplayers  

    game.timelimit = 30  

    time limit in minutes  

    game.fraglimit = 300  

    frag limit (kills)  

    game.powerups = true  

    enables (or disable) powerups  

    game.occupationpercentage = 75  

    decides outposts percentage to end an objective game  

    game.allowallies = true  

    enables (or disable) ally  

    game.cloudcoverage = 0  

    clouds density  

    game.respawntype = 0  

    0=round robin, 1=random  

    game.windspeed = 30  

    clouds speed = "Two clans"  

    starting map  

    game.mapcycle = "Two clans"  

    map cycle (comma separated list)

Another important thing to configure is your unit profiles. You will find these files in your units/profiles folder. Since 0.8.4 version they have  .upf extension (old was .pfl).

Let's see in detail one of them: Titan.pfl - listed here are only the entries that you can change.

Since 0.8.4 changes will affect all clients as values are automatically synced on connection.

   hitpoints =  1300;  

    this value is the 'strenght' of the unit, its ability to resist shots - the higher the stronger.    

    attack =  140;  

    this value is the 'power' of the unit shot - e.g. its destructive power - the higher the stronger .  

    reload =  30;  

    this is the 'shooting rate' of the unit - the number is the interval so the lower the faster - pls be careful when setting this value: a number smaller than 20 might create problems to players unless they are connected from the local network.  

    range =  31;  

    this is the 'shooting range' - the max distance of unit shots.  

    regen =  16;  

    regeneration interval of the unit in a outpost. Depending also on other settings, a value lower than 10-12 might overload the gameserver...  

    defend_range =  28;  

    hmm - is it related to 'automatic shooting'? not sure about it :-)  

    speed_rate =  16;  

    the unit 'speed' - the higher the faster - be careful: a higher speed might be unbearable by clients connected...  

    speed_factor =  2;  

    this is a multiplier for speed rate

Note: since 0.8.4 bots are not working anymore

Note for Linux users: port forwarding is the same - you can use 'ifconfig' command to check your network - to start a dedicated server, simply move to the extracted netpanzer directory and type './netpanzer -d'. You can have the same features listed here by installing svn 1346 from Berlios repository:

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